A Scholarship and Bursary Guide

Award Tips

  • Be sure to check out your college or universitie's webpage for their awards. There may be other awards specific to the post-secondary institution you are applying for. 
  • Please do explore the web and do your own research as there may be additional awards that are available through other institutions. 
  • Please note that some of the awards information (eg. website links and award deadlines) on this document may change after it was created. Therefore, you should double check the awards information. 
  • Ask your friends if they know of any awards, and if they have not seen this document, please do share it with them.
  • Make sure that you plan ahead and ask in advance for your reference letters so you can have all of your documents in hand when you are submitting an application.
  • Remember to keep important receipts. Some donors may require that you submit a report with a copy of your receipts.
  • Apply for as many awards as possible... it does not hurt to try!