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Here’s a few inspirational quotes from Inuit students to inspire you. You’ll find in the right box links to students profiles and interviews.

“It’s so important to finish your education even if you think you are failing. It’s so important for everyone – you don’t want to stay stuck. So many people feel that even if they know so much in life and know how to work; they feel leery about going for jobs because they don’t have the education. They have the ambition – but because they lack education – they don’t have the confidence to go for a job. That’s why it is important to complete their courses. They are going to be examples to the younger generation.”
- Kataisee Attagusiak, attended Lakehead University

“It’s always nice to have access [to current/former university students] because you can share your ideas and learn their perspectives. The learning becomes more beneficial. Learn about how they think and it will contributes to your learning!”
- Lori Idlout, attended Lakehead University

“I’ve experienced moving south for the first time. I’ve experienced being away from my family for the first time. I think what’s positive about studying in the south is the course curriculum and the variety of different things that I can study. There is so much that I can do and it is a positive experience to have options.”
- Joseph Paul Flowers, attended McGill University

“Go to school for what you love as it will make your time there easier and in the end you will see personal growth... With the power of my education is the way I'm going to give back to my people”
- Pam Gross, attended Carleton University

“It’s a valuable experience being immersed in the whole university experience, the culture and the community.”
- Ceporah Mearns, attends Carleton University

“Sometimes you feel like giving up and that is not the answer.”
- Linda Qaqqasiq, attended Nunavut Arctic College

“Sometimes people would be satisfied with a minimum wage job, but they’re just getting a bit of money that would satisfy their needs. If they went to university they would get a degree and would get a higher paying job. Seek education first!”
- Romeo Okatsiaq, attended Nunavut Arctic College