A Guide to Preparing for Post-Secondary Education


Hopefully by the time you are at this stage, you’ve had time to seriously think about what program, school or city you want to be in.

You should think about what you really value and what you’re really looking for.


Tips for Picking a Program/School


  • Are you interested in what the program has to offer? (It might help to look at the courses in the program outline)
  • Will it help you find a job or achieve a career that you are interested in?
  • Have you talked to anyone who knows about the program? (Ex: a past student or academic advisor)

School Services

  • What activities could you get involved with while in school?
  • Is tutoring or counseling offered to students?
  • Is there an Aboriginal Resource Centre on campus?
  • Do they have a residence you can live in while at school?
  • Do they offer scholarships to students?

Distance from Home

  • How easy is it to travel to the community/city to and from home?
  • How often do people from your community visit the community/city?
  • Would you prefer to be closer or further from home?


  • What is the cost of tuition?
  • How much does it cost to fly the community or city you will be in? (If you are from Nunavut, Financial Assistance for Nunavut Students (FANS) will, in most cases, pay your way to the nearest city. You are responsible for additional fees.)
  • How much will rent cost? You can try looking at www.kijiji.com or www.craigslist.ca to compare prices between different cities.
  • What scholarships, bursaries and awards are available to help you pay off costs associated with school?