What to Expect

In this stage, you might find that new things aren’t as exciting and that you may begin to develop negative feelings towards living in the south. Some students begin to feel angry, confused or even bored. You might find it harder to find reasons to laugh or even smile and focus on your schoolwork.

The most common and powerful feeling among northern students has been a feeling of homesickness. You might start comparing your life now and what it could be like at home. Your idea of home turns into a fantasy and you often forget about all the boring parts of being back up north.

Some students may begin drinking or doing drugs heavily, overeating and oversleeping.

Some opinions you might have during this phase:

  • It takes forever to take the bus anywhere
  • I’m surrounded by all these people and I don’t know any of them. I feel so alone
  • None of my classmates or friends are like my friends at home
  • I miss visiting my friends and relatives
  • I miss walking anywhere in town in 15 minutes or less
  • I miss my mom’s cooking
  • There’s tall buildings everywhere and I don’t see any nature

This phase happens at different times for everyone; however, it is often usually experienced approximately six weeks after leaving home. It sucks big time, but it’s good to know you will get through it. Things do get better.